10 Must-See Attractions in Australia for Greek Travelers

Hippocrates the Father of Clinical Medicine joined us in the course of our trip in the direction of Bucharest. the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute was our subsequent vacation spot. Melbourne is the vibrant vitality of the Greek community in Australia. There were additionally eminent doctors and scientists like Professor Dr. Georgios Patoulis, the president of the International Institute of Greek Doctors as well as the Regional Governor for Attica, and Dr. Konstantinos Pantos, the famed scientist and champion of IVF and Dr. Antonios Polydorou and Dr. George Antonakis. This trip brought us all in the direction of the Hellenic Diaspora World Congress (HMSA)

. We were ecstatic to have been invited to the Hellenic Centre that was scheduled from tenth until the fifteenth November against the beautiful landscape of Melbourne. The members included the hugely regarded Hellenic Medical Society of Australia alongside with members of the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute. The welcoming hospitality of members of the Greek community, which was led by President VassilisPapastrgiadis, created a sensation of pleasure about the time we arrived. We weren’t disappointed with the prolonged flight from Athens, Greece to Australia. However, our stopping point in Doha Airport in Qatar this year hosted the soccer World Cup (as it was a substantial hour). The enthusiasm of the passengers was received a increase upon arrival, since it received a an enthusiastic reception by the local Greek community and the vibrant vitality of the city

. Then we were reminded at starting of our travels that this initiative by the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute was a non-stop one: To transform our new new release and to hold our grandparents’ information and thoughts living. This global gathering featured shows and interactive talks of educational, medical, and scientific matters, conducted by hugely revered Australian as well as worldwide researchers. The final goal for these important actions as well as worldwide partnerships was to obtain enormous strides in the direction of creating a harmonious future

. The University of Melbourne, Athens and Patras have come jointly in agreement on to transform their respective universities into an worldwide scientific center for the augmentation of medical faculties across the globe. This partnership was proclaimed with the signing of a pact to furnish schooling and steering to Greek students by means of embrace of Hippocratic Medical Philosophy and Ethics. The historic event was recognized by Professor Marini The President of the Hellenic Medical Association of Australia and The Hon. Marios Themistocleous the Secretary General of Greece’s Health

. At a ceremony held in the University of Melbourne Medical School, His Excellency Vassilis Papastergiadis, President of the Greek Community of Melbourne, and the Consul General of Melbourne Manolis Kakavelakis, unveiled the bust of Hippocrates. This event marked the starting of a global alternate championed by the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute, for the objective of fostering a community spirit founded on the’sacred oath of The Hippocratic Oath. As formally introduced in the presence of Doctor. Patoulis and Dr. Polydoros. The initiative will arise in the spring of five hundred 2019, with the swearing in of these graduating from Melbourne’s University of Melbourne on the island of Kos

. The Doctors Hippocratic Institute, with the title of “Hippocratic Values and Medicine’, will take place in Melbourne. Melbourne. With a population close to 5 million people, Melbourne is located in Victoria, the State of Victoria as the 2nd largest metropolis in Australia after Sydney. Around 25% of the inhabitants are of foreign origin, and one other quarter of them are of Greek heritage. It is a multiple metropolis that has large areas of land, which comprise the business district in central London, as well as a quantity of skyscrapers

. What we can learn

We’re at the starting of a new period in well-being care, one in which collaboration and expertise are at the forefront of medical advancements to help our quest for perfection in the subject of patient care. This is why it’s appropriate that this event took place just in Melbourne which is where Hippocrates his legacy has been celebrated since the creation of the Global Doctors Hippocratic Institute. The unveiling of the statue signifies our dedication to his philosophy of medicine and bodes well for the coming years, when we anticipate a spring when students graduating from the University of Melbourne will swear-in on the island of Kos and will follow his steps. The future of healthcare is in the correct hands


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